Thread Tables

Thread Table: Rayon      Key: DP=Dot Pitch in mm, Cols=Colours, W=weaving, L=lace, K=knitting, E=embroidery, C=craft

Name Maker/Supplier DP Range Tex Cols USP Other qualities Problems Uses For
Maltese 300 x2 Malta 10 9–12 110 Maltese make lace with it; why not us? W
Folded viscose rayon 1200/2 x1 William Hall 7 6–9 135 48 Adds shine to a mix of threads or use alone Drape and lustre; lovely colours 'Lively' to control Many; mix into wearables W, K
FVR 1800/2 bright viscose floss William Hall 10 9–11 210 1 Add shine to mixed project Dyes well Heavyweight projects W
Texere viscose floss Texere 10 8–10 210 Viscose dyes well Check all viscose for strength W, K
Texere viscose ribbon Texere 14 13–14 310 Viscose dyes well W, K

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