Thread Tables

Thread Table: Linen (3 of 3)      Key: DP=Dot Pitch in mm, Cols=Colours, W=weaving, L=lace, K=knitting, E=embroidery, C=craft

Name Maker/Supplier DP Range Tex Cols USP Other qualities Problems Uses For
Goldschildt 80/3 Goldschildt, lace suppliers in EU and USA 5 70 25 Strong, smooth, stiff Good stable lace thread Limited colour palette, availability Wide range of lace projects L
Vuorelma Rhodinlanka linen tow 8 Vuorelma, RSD 10 9–11 190 (210) 62 Bright and subtle colours Strong, versatile Hairy (can wash first); single thread so retwist Practical lace of all kinds W
Barbour 18/3 upholstry Saddlery 10 10–12 270 Very strong High twist Large items S
Texere C4 Texere 13 11–14 410 33 Thick, coloured Versatile Available for limited time Hangings etc. W
Rhodinlanka linen tow 4 Vuorelma, RSD 14 13–15 350 (420) 62 As tow 8, but even stronger Good to add stability to other yarns As tow 8, will soften in use Scarves, hangings etc. W
Texere fine (rug warp) Texere 15 14–17 510 2 Thick, multi-strand Very strong and stable White or cream, smooth or hairy, as available Hangings etc. W
Texere medium Texere 18 17–21 580 2 As above, thicker W
Texere thick Texere 22 ++ 1110 2 As above, thicker still W
Texere Dublin best twist Texere 24+ 23++ 1620 Natural Strong and thick Plied Bulky – find a use for it! Something outdoors? W

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