Teaching has always been an important motivation behind my development. Our plumber once told me of how, during his apprenticeship, other workers had been locked out of the room when a skilled colleague set to work on special paint effects, but I have worked to pass on what I discovered.

My thanks go to all who have had the courage to join me in this, and then spread their own wings.

One group who persevered with me over many years was my local class in Mudeford, Dorset, of whom I felt immensely proud when I put their work on show in Christchurch Priory as part of a CADArts' Living Crafts celebration.

Rosemary Atkinson demonstrating in the Priory

This class started in 2001 and some students had been with me for over a decade! Design was never obligatory, nor even contemporary work, although that was our main focus. Projects often come about from that sense of bewilderment that manifests itself when you to come to the end of one piece of work and haven't a clue what to do next!

Think, and question, riffle through patterns and an idea emerges. It may involve adaptation of an existing pattern, or the creation of a new one, sometimes from scratch. Projects are given away, or adorn homes, sometimes disappear into drawers, but also get worn and mounted up with pride.

My thanks go to a group of friends with whom it has been a privilege to associate.

Front fans and cushion by Mary Pownell and rear fan by Rosemary Atkinson

The genesis for Rosemary's fan design was a trip to Venice

Mudeford Contemporary Lace Group's stand including traditional Estonian lace by Maret Prans

Val Collins’ striking curtain

A spray of ivy from the garden inspired Rosemary's silk cushion design